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Rainer Voegeli Travel Grant winner 2019: Fandresena Arilala Sendrasoa 



Congratulations to Fandresena Arilala Sendrasoa, winner of our 2019 Rainer Voegeli Travel Grant. Fandresena works at the Department of Dermatology, University Hospital Joseph Raseta Befelatanana in Madagascar’s capital Antananarivo and is a member of the Malagasy Society of Dermatology (Société Malgache de Dermatologie: SOMADER), of which she is also Secretary General.

The IFSCC is funding Fandresena’s expenses to attend this year’s Conference in Milan and we’re really looking forward to seeing her there presenting her two posters:

  • Excellent response of alopecia totalis to hydroxychloroquine: report of two pediatric cases
  • Quality of life assessment in patients with alopecia areata in Antananarivo,Madagascar

The 2019 award was available to young scientists from Least Developed Countries as listed by the Committee for Development Policy of the United Nations and.

We asked Fandresena about her plans for the Confernence in Milan and beyond.

IFSCC What made you decide to enter for this award?
Fandresena The main reason was so that we could proudly show the world how much the field of dermatology has improved in Madagascar.

IFSCC How important is winning this award to you?
Fandresena This award is for the whole Malagasy team of Dermatology to be proud of. The entire team led by Professor Rapelanoro Rabenja F is committed to improving our department, image and position and have led to our department being recognized across the world. It shows that the changes we made to improve dermatology in Madagascar are worthy of recognition.

IFSCC What do you hope to gain from attending the IFSCC Conference?
Fandresena This Conference will be a great opportunity for me to strengthen my knowledge and to acquire the clinical and therapeutic advances in cosmetic science that will help me contribute to the development of this area in Madagascar and for my country will be recognized in the future.

IFSCC How much of your work in dermatology is involved in cosmetic science and what are your future plans in the field?
Fandresena A small part of our work in dermatology is involved in cosmetic science because there are only 11 dermatologists in Madagascar who are more involved in general dermatology. I think we need in-depth training in aesthetic science and support for laboratories working in aesthetic science in order to increase and improve our activities in this area in the future.

IFSCC How active is your society in Malagasy? Fandresena The Malagasy Society of Dermatology, founded by Professor Rapelanoro Rabenja F, organizes an annual congress, carries out dermatological consultations in rural areas and organizes continuing medical education.

IFSCC How active do you think you might become as a member of the IFSCC?
Fandresena Participating in all activities in the IFSCC and writing scientific articles for IFSCC magazine.