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PSCS and IFSCC team up for science without borders



Over 120 participants were in Warsaw’s InterContinental Hotel on 24 April for ‘Science without borders’, an international conference organised jointly by the Polish Society of Cosmetic Scientists (PSCS) and IFSCC. The theme was ‘Science for Personal Care and Beauty – recent findings on cosmetology’ and speakers from all over the world shared their cosmetic expertise with eager delegates from both academic and commercial spheres.

Presentations were divided into four sessions:

  • Upcoming regulatory challenges for the cosmetic industry
  • Technology – the future of cosmetic formulation
  • Skin protection – key aspects
  • Safety assessment – opportunities and challenges

IFSCC President Dr Tony Gough and PSCS President Dr Anna Oborska opened proceedings.

Dr Anna Oborska (PSPKD/PSCS) spoke in the first session of the conference on upcoming regulatory challenges for the cosmetics industry, discussing the key issues of the green transition and future challenges for the cosmetic industry. Dr Andrea Weber (Babor/lFSCC) presented the issue of marketing claims, and Dr Marta Pawlowska (ACC/PTCK) devoted her presentation to nanomaterials and the potential for their widespread use in cosmetic formulation and legislative issues. Eva Ramos (Fuller Cosmetics/lFSCC) provided an overview of the cosmetics market in the countries of the Latin American region and their key regulation.

The second session of the conference focused on technology and the future of cosmetic formulation. Elisabet Norberto (Comercial Quimica Massó/lFSCC) discussed the challenges when formulating mineral sunscreens, while Robert McPherson (Lubrizol/lFSCC) spoke about naturally increasing phytochemical complexity in botanical using a highly efficient, low environmental impact and sustainable technique. Prof. Tomasz Wasilewski (Kazimierz Pulaski University of Technology and Humanities in Radom/PSCS) in his speech discussed progress in the form of hygiene cosmetics while Dr Sungho Lee (Sunjins Beauty Science/lFSCC) presented sun care basic principles and Dr Tomako Sekine (Shiseido/lFSCC) talked about the emulsion technology for skincare – emulsion prepared with particles.

The third session was focused on skin protection and its key aspects. Dr Katarzyna Pytkowska (Warsaw School of Engineering and Health Sciences/PSCS) presented recent findings in skin and hair physiology and their impact on cosmetic formulation development. Dr Malgorzata Miastkowska (Cracow University of Technology/ PSCS) spoke about novel skin delivery systems in cosmetics, and Dr Isabelle Castiel (L’Oreal/lFSCC) discussed the skin benefits of long UVA photoprotection. Sylwia Poradzisz and Dr Diana Kurkowska (BioTeam/ PSCS) presented a new approach to skin care – aspects of the skin microbiome. Prof. Tomasz Kobiela (Warsaw University of Technology/PSCS) spoke about biotechnology in cosmetics: is biotech better than nature?

The fourth session was devoted to safety assessment – opportunities and challenges. Dr Nicola Lionetti (Labanalysis/IFSCC) presented safety assessment issues (EU guidelines), Dr Iwona Białas (cosmetoSAFE Consulting/PSCS) spoke about the state of the art in the alternative testing for cosmetic safety assessment purposes, and Ewelina Drelich (ED Consulting/PSCS) discussed the challenges of cosmetic product assessment for oncology patients.

“We are very happy that the agenda we proposed was met with such great interest and attendance,” said Dr Anna Oborska during the conference. It was a special opportunity to present high level of science from Polish universities and companies, as well as the strong position of the entire cosmetic industry in an international environment. Oborska believes the PSCS slogan – ‘This is where science meets business’ – fully reflects the atmosphere of this meeting.

The authors had the opportunity to present their research and information on many scientific innovations of great practical importance. The conference provided an excellent opportunity for the exchange of experiences and networking among cosmetic chemistry specialists.

Conference patrons:

  • Polish Association of the Cosmetic and Detergent Industry (PSPKD)
  • University of Engineering and Health Sciences in Warsaw
  • University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów

Media partners included:

  • Biotechnologia
  • Chemia i Biznes
  • Przemysł Kosmetyczny
  • SOFW Journal
  • Świat Przemysłu Kosmetycznego
  • Wiadomości Kosmetyczne
  • Wirtualne Kosmetyki

The conference ‘Science for Personal Care & Beauty – recent findings on cosmetology’ was the first international meeting made possible by the PSCS’s membership in the IFSCC.

“I would like to extend a huge thank you to the IFSCC Presidium, especially the President Dr Tony Gough and the Director General  Mary Lynn Halland, who have chosen Warsaw to organize the Presidium meeting and also agreed to co-organize the conference,” said Dr Anna Oborska. “For the members of the IFSCC Praesidium, this was often a considerable effort. Speakers travelling to Warsaw, covered a total distance of more than 72,000 km!”


The Polish Society of Cosmetology Scientists (PSCS) was established in 2021, in response to numerous questions and demands raised by those involved in the cosmetics industry and academia.
The PTCK has been a member of the IFSCC since 2022. The existence of a society that connects academics with academics in industry is much needed by both spheres. This is where science meets business!