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Preservation Technology – Webinar Wednesday 8 March



Our latest glimpse into Coschem’s certificate course in cosmetic chemistry brings us up to speed on Preservation Technology. Kirsten Scott (Coschem & Wacker Chemicals Middle East)will be our guide, with Perry Romanowski (IFSCC Chair of Education) moderating the webinar on Wednesday 8 March.

Preventing the destructive effective impacts of microbial contamination is essential. That’s where preservatives come into play. For the latest in our series of presentations taken from the Society of Cosmetic Chemists South Africa (Coschem) 2-year certificate course in cosmetic chemistry, Former Coschem President, Kirsten Scott will give us a broad introduction to the vital topic of Preservation Technology.

After this webinar you should be able to:
• understand the general terms used in the preservation of cosmetics
• be aware of the various factors that affect the choice of preservative system
• understand the properties expected of the ‘ideal preservative’
• be aware of the tests available for determining the efficacy of preservatives
• understand the different actions and requirements of the more common preservatives available

For over 20 years Coschem has offered this program, which has become so successful that there is a waiting list. As an IFSCC member you have special access to several modules from the the course.

IFSCC Education Chair, Perry Romanowski, will be your moderator.


Times West Coast USA 8h • Mexico City / Chicago 10h • Bogota / East Coast USA 11h • Sao Paolo 13h • UK 16h • Central Europe 17h • J’burg / Tel Aviv 18h • New Delhi 21h30 • Sing / HK / China / Taipei 0h • Japan / Korea 1h Thursday • Melbourne 3h Thursday • Wellington 5h

All registrants will receive a follow-up email with a recording of the webinar, so do register even if you are unable to join us live.