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NICOS to benefit from Lester Conrad Prize support



NICOS – Society of Cosmetic Scientists Nigeria – is a young Society. Formed by founders Grace Abamba and Sola Ojo in 2019, it became the 50th member Society of the IFSCC in 2020. Now, in 2023 it is a worthy winner of the IFSCC Lester Conrad Prize, which helps Societies fund cosmetic science education programmes over a period of three years.

“Winning the Lester Conrad Prize is in alignment with NICOS objectives and what we represent to our community and members,” says Grace Abamba, Founding President of NICOS. “We are at the forefront of disseminating good cosmetic science and promoting globally acceptable practice in the Nigerian industry. As a relatively young Society, the Lester Conrad Prize is a tool that will help nurture and support the educational plans in NICOS.”

“Whilst there are already cosmetic science education initiatives in Nigeria, at NICOS we hope to target unmet needs identified in the cosmetic landscape.”

So how have the first few years been for NICOS? “Through hard work and great support from members and sponsors who caught the vision, we are experiencing steady growth with a healthy number of members on both sides of the pond,” says Grace. The primary aim of the Society is to promote the advancement of science and technology in the cosmetics and personal care industries in Nigeria and the diaspora. At the moment the local market is the priority and the plan is to offer masterclasses and mentoring sessions over the next three years. In terms of product areas the current focus is soaps, skin care and hair care.

When it comes to being part of the IFSCC, Grace sees it is a mutually beneficial relationship sharing common interests and aims. “Nurturing growth of new and smaller Societies will support IFSCC’s aim to expand. It can do this by empowering the new and growing Societies without stifling their creativity and growth locally and beyond their borders.”

We look forward to hearing more about NICOS’s education programme over the next three years. As Grace says: “Watch this space!”