Maison G de Navarre Young Scientist Prize winner 2019: Yan Liu (Pechoin)



We are delighted to announce Yan Liu of China’s Shanghai Pechoin Daily Chemical Company Ltd as the our 2019 Maison G de Navarre Young Scientist Prize winner. His award is a fully paid trip to the 2019 IFSCC Conference in Milan, Italy (30 September – 2 October 2019) courtesy of the IFSCC.

Yan Liu won the prize with his essay ‘The Human Skin Microbiome: A New Way to Beauty’, a detailed study of this fascinating disruptor in cosmetics.

Yan Liu, Maison G de Navarre prize winner 2019

Yan Liu said: “I was thrilled to learn that I won this prestigious prize. I am pleased and honored to accept this award! IFSCC is the top-class organization for cosmetics. Your recognition is very important for my career. I am longing to attend the IFSCC 2019 Milan Conference!

“I have always worked in the cosmetic industry, most of time in R&D but with a short period at marketing CMI, because I wanted to explore this industry from different perspectives. Now at Pechoin R&D, I focus on exploring advanced technologies and designing new products to fulfill consumer desires and unmet needs. IFSCC is a major source of inspiration for my work.”

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