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Lead-up to Yokohama: Dr Sakamoto webinar “Tips for Improving Emulsion Stability”



For the first time, the presentation by IFSCC Featured Speaker at the New York State Society of Cosmetic Chemistry (NYSCC) Suppliers Day, Dr Kazutami Sakamoto, will be available to all our Members. Click here to register for this highly informative lecture on “Tips for Improving Emulsion Stability”, Thursday 1 October at 11h NYC time, hosted by the NYSCC as part of their “Week of Beauty”

List of global broadcast times: 8h West Coast USA = 10h Mexico City = 11h East Coast USA = 16h UK = 17h Europe/South Africa = 20h30New Delhi = 23h HK/Singapore = 24/0h in Japan

Dr. Sakamoto has presented several overseas educational events for the IFSCC which received rave reviews. He is a a distinguished scientist with a long list of appointments and accolades: Guest Professor, Tokyo University of Science Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology Institute for Colloid and Interface Science, and he is a Fellow of the Chemical Society of Japan.

Soon Dr. Sakamoto will become Co-Editor of the IFSCC Magazine, yet another career milestone.

Registration is free for all IFSCC Members; spaces are limited. Click here to register on a special NYSCC registration page dedicated to Dr. Sakamoto’s webinar.