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Anna Okishima wins prestigious Henry Maso Award for 2024



Congratulations to Anna Okishima (Shiseido, Japan), winner of the 2024 Henry Maso Award for her paper Transcending the Limitation of Cosmetics: Ionic Liquids-inspired Novel Skin Penetration System as an Alternative to Medical Beauty Treatments, published in IFSCC Magazine Vol.26 (1) 71-75. IFSCC will cover Anna’s expenses (including travel, hotel and registration fees up to CHF 5,000) to attend the IFSCC 2024 Iguazu Falls, Brazil Congress where her award will be presented officially on-stage at the Opening Ceremony.

“I’m so grateful and honored for this great award,” said Anna. “I am committed to making further contributions to the cosmetics industry.”

Anna graduated with a master’s degree in the field of pharmaceutics from the University of Shizuoka and has been working as a scientific researcher at Shiseido since 2019, mainly involved in DDS research. Her research focuses on controlling the penetration of skin brightening agents in terms of managing their physicochemical properties to further enhance the efficacy of skin care cosmetics. She has a background in cell biology and polymer chemistry and contributes to the development of DDS research with her broad knowledge.