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Introduction to Soap Bar Technology – Webinar 12 June



Our latest Module glimpse into the Coschem Cosmetic Certificate Course is Soap Bars. Gillian Kühn will be here to guide us through the technology in our webinar on Wednesday 12 June.


Soaps are essential to personal and public health. While Soap Bars must have the ability to be aesthetically and olfactively pleasing, they also need to loosen and remove soil from a surface. Soap bars must also be designed to contribute to good personal hygiene and have a good ability to foam and be long lasting in their format. Formulating soap bars has a lot of complexity, so with this module we will indicate the best way to tackle the most suitable raw materials, manufacturing and processing of a soap bar, which will meet the needs of the consumer.

Wednesday 12 June

8h West Coast USA • 9h Mexico City • 10h Chicago / Bogotá • 11h East Coast USA • 12h São Paulo • 16h London / West Africa • 17h Central Europe / Central & South Africa • 18h Tel Aviv / East Africa • 20:30h New Delhi • 23h Singapore / HK / China / Taipei • 0h Japan / Korea
Thursday 13 June
1h Melbourne • 3h Wellington

Gillian Kühn studied Food Technology and has 27 years’ experience in formulating personal care and home care products. For 16 years she worked for a distributor and manufacturer of surfactants who represented many large personal care and home care ingredients companies and developed vast knowledge on raw materials used in all types of cosmetic formulations to improve her knowledge of formulating. She then worked for Evonik and now works as Creation and Application Manager for the fragrance part of DSM-Firmenich. Gillian has lectured on the Coschem Diploma for 15 years. Her passion is giving back to the industry that she says has been so good to her and also loves trying new cooking and baking methods. She is currently a member of Coschem’s Scientific Committee.