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IFSCC Praesidium 2022-23



The 2022-23 IFSCC Praesidium was elected during the 2022 Congress in London. Our team for the next year is:

The President Dr Tony Gough (UK)
Immediate Past President Ms Eva Ramos (Mexico)
Vice President Ms Carmina Casas (Spain)
Honorary Secretary Dr Sung Ho Lee (Korea)
Treasurer Dr Peter Tsolis (US & Canada)
Committe Member Number 3 Prof Dr Vania Leite (Brazil)
Committee Member Number 2 Dr Isabelle Castiel (France)
Committee Member Number 1 Mr Robert McPherson (Australia)
Chair of the Scientific Committee Dr Tomoko Sekine (Japan)
Chair of the Education Committee Mr Perry Romanowski (US-Canada)
Chair of the Public Relations Committee Dr Andrea Weber (Germany)
Chair of the Publications Committee Dr Nicola Lionetti (Italy)