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IFSCC Praesidium 2019-20



The new IFSCC Praesidium for the year 2019-20 was appointed at a Council meeting during the 2019 25th IFSCC Conference in Milan. Emanuele Piras (Italy) is this year’s President. Please welcome the new Praesidium.

Emanuele Piras (Italy)

Immediate Past President
Prof Juergen Lademann (Germany)

Vice President
Dr Katz Yoshida (Japan)

Honorary Secretary
Joo Yeon Kim (Korea)

Peter Tsolis (USA)

Committee Member Number 3
Carmina Casas (Spain)

Committee Member Number 2
Eva Ramos (Mexico)

Committee Member Number 1
Dr Tony Gough (UK)

Chair of the Scientific Committee
Dr Frédéric Leroy (France)

Chair of the Education Committee
Perry Romanowski (USA)

Chair of the Public Relations Committee
Simon Chan (Hong Kong – China)

Chair of the Publications Committee
Petra Huber (Switzerland)

Mary Lynn Halland is Secretary General of the IFSCC and is based at the Federation’s Secretariat office, co-located with the US Society of Cosmetic Chemists in New York.