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IFSCC 2020 Poster Award Winner webinar on 8 / 9 December



Listen to the IFSCC 2020 Poster Award Winner, Hisashi Mihara, as he delivers his paper: “How can we control unpleasant body malodor effectively?” at the next IFSCC Webinar.

Guest Scientist for this webinar will be IFSCC Fellow Dr. Fuji Kanda, an expert on deodorants and antiperspirants.

Dr. Kanda describes Mr. Mihara’s work as “revolutionary”.

Mihara and Kanda will be broadcasting live from Japan. Join us, and see if you agree.

If you’re joining us from the Americas:

Wednesday 8 December:  18h West Coast USA = 19h Mexico City/Chicago = 19h NYC time

If you’re joining us from Asia:

Thursday 9 December:  8h Singapore / Hong Kong / China / Perth = 9h Korean & Japan = 11h Melbourne = 13h New Zealand.

Click here for more information and to register.