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Getting to grips with microstructures



Cutaneous microstructures of importance for cosmetic science is the title of the next IFSCC webinar on Wednesday 7 April, presented by Stefania Motta, founder and CEO of MOST Cosmetics and former President of the Società Italiana di Chimica e Scienze Cosmetologiche.

Our skin is more complicated than most people realize. Stefania will introduce us to many microstructures you may have heard of before, and explains how their interact with cosmetics.

Corneosomes, lamellar bodies, Langerhans granules, desmosomes and hemidesmosomes, melanin granules and vacuoles are important epidermal microstructures specifically involved with cosmetic formulations.

The webinar will focus on the description of these microstructures’ biology, biochemistry, origin, regulation and functions while explaining how cosmetic application can interfere and change the skin equilibrium.

You’ll be guaranteed to learn something new!