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Dr Calomarde wows industry & academia in Peru



Peru’s Association of Cosmetic Chemists (APQC) won the 2017 Lester Conrad Educational Prize so has had an exciting couple of years. As part of this, from 5-6 July 2019, Dr Calomarde featured at a conference at Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, which was very successful in many aspects.

A total of 45 delegates attended, with APQC making a particular effort to bring together representatives from both academia and industry.

The topic of the event was of particular interest, to the extent that even 11 professionals from the regulatory cosmetic agency in Peru (Digemid) were part of the audience. They acknowledged Dr Calomarde’s experience and thanked him effusively for all the information shared through his lectures, information that represents an important contribution for the authorities as well as for cosmetic companies in order to ensure a more solid base to enable the production of safer products.

The results of an APQC survey among attendees were very positive results. Words such as ‘excellent lecturer’, ‘didactic, charismatic and inspiring’, ‘well equipped rooms’, ‘very well equipped facilities’ confirmed the event’s popularity.

“The event was organised by the APQC, with the auspices of the IFSCC, to whom we want to thank for this opportunity, and we’ll do everything possible to keep this momentum of improving the scientific level of our professionals,” said the Society’s Manuel Li.