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Chile hosts Praesidium Spring Meeting



Praesidium Dinner with Chilean Society Board

The Chilean Society hosted the IFSCC 2019 Spring Praesidium Meeting, selecting the Cabaña del Lago in Puerto Varas as the event venue. A joint seminar was held with the Chilean Society, featuring presentations by IFSCC Praesidium Members. Many thanks to the Chilean Society, Jeanette Nazal (President), Paulina Lopez (Vice President), Isabel Grob (Director), and their colleagues, for the fantastic job they did.

IFSCC President Juergen Lademann presenting Uruguyuan Society President Lidia Morus with an anniversary certificate – their 30th anniversary

Uruguayan Society President Lidia Morus (pictured centre) also attended the seminar, and was presented with a certificate celebrating the 30th anniversary of her Society’s founding.