Brazil hosts successful 24th COLAMICQ



The 24th COLAMICQ (Latin American Congress of Cosmetic Sciences) held from 21-23 May was organised by ABC (Brazilian Society of Cosmetic Sciences) and was held in São Paulo, Brazil. The event had more the 430 attendees, 130 posters, 16 oral presentations and 6 Keynote speakers, one of them, Paul Cornwell, supported by IFSCC and another, Giorgio Dellacqua, supported by SCC USA.

Vania Leite, Paul Cornwell and Jadir Nunes

“It was a great Congress, and very well organised,” commented Paul Cornwell.  “The opening involved a ‘flash-mob’ choir that stood-up from around the seated attendees. Very effective and great fun”

“The programme included at least one expert panel session per day, which allowed for debate about current issues and encouraged audience participation. I was involved in a session where we debated, amongst many other things, fake-news, and the need to defend cosmetic ingredients/products from misinformed internet campaigns.”

Expert panel sessions were a great addition

A major supplier trade show was taking place in the same building attendees could visit both events. The food and the poster sessions were also situated in the trade show space.

The poster session was performed on a series of wide-screen LCD screens (in portrait mode), enabling different posters to be shown on different days. It was an innovative and impressive looking approach.

COLAMICQ is the most important and traditional congress in Latin America and will be back in 2021 in Argentina.

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