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Antimicrobial Preservative Efficacy Testing (PET)
 – Webinar Wednesday 8 February



For our next webinar on Wednesday 8 February we are delighted to be welcoming our first webinar presenter from our Greek Society, the Hellenic Society of Cosmetology. George Lagiopoulos will cover:

  • ​​​​​​​The basic principles of PET
  • Demonstration of compendial protocols (Eur. Pharmacopoeia, USP, ISO 11930)
  • Technical description of the procedure
  • Validation of neutralizer efficacy during PET
  • Consideration of the impact of the intrinsic attributes of the formulation which may influence preservative efficacy
  • Low risk products and presentation of tests to access both preservation efficacy and microbiome friendliness of a formula


Times West Coast USA 8h • Mexico City / Chicago 10h • Bogota / East Coast USA 11h • Sao Paolo 13h • UK 16h • Central Europe 17h • J’burg / Tel Aviv 18h • New Delhi 21h30 • Sing / HK / China / Taipei 0h • Japan / Korea 1h Thursday • Melbourne 3h Thursday • Wellington 5h

​​​​​​​Georgios Lagiopoulous is a Pharmaceutical Microbiologist MSc with postgraduate studies from University of Manchester. A Microbiology Manager with more than 15 years of experience in QA and QC fields specialized in Pharmaceutical, Food and Personal Care industries and thorough knowledge of quality systems and regulations applicable to cGMP and FDA. He has played a leading part in several demanding projects, including the set-up of a new microbiological laboratory abroad (achieving successful accreditation under ISO 17025), the upgrade of micro laboratory (conformed to FDA requirements), the validation of a new water system (PQ) in a new pharmaceutical site and Project Manager for the design and implementation of an efficacy testing regime for the successful registration of a preservative-free, multi-dose OTC eye product. Since 2015 George has been involved as Study Director in the GLP Quality System. Key Skills: quality systems (GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 17025, FDA requirements) deviation investigation, CAPA, risk analysis, technical support, auditing and inspection, KPI monitoring, method validation, disinfectants efficacy tests specialist.