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3D bioprinted immune skin model paper wins Henry Maso Award for Maxime Lègues 



Congratulations to Maxime Lègues, winner of our 2021 Henry Maso Award for Young Scientists with his paper The world’s first 3D bioprinted immune skin model suitable for screening drugs and ingredients for normal and inflamed skin. This award is presented at IFSCC Congresses to the author of the best paper by a young scientist in an issue of the IFSCC Magazine published in the 2 years preceding the Congress. Maxime’s work was presented at the virtual IFSCC 2020 Congress in Yokohama, Japan. His prize is a trip to the IFSCC 2022 Congress in London, courtesy of the IFSCC. Maxime is 3DBioprinting Manager at CTIBIOTECH.

Read Henry Maso 2021 winning paper

Maxime Lègues joined CTIBiotech in 2019 as 3D Bioprinting scientific researcher, involved in the development and characterization of 3D human living tissues in the fields of skin, oncology, immunology and infectious diseases. His previous experiences in renowned research organizations in both France (CEA, CNRS) and Switzerland (Novimmune) gave him extensive knowledge on innovative projects regarding 3D organoid formation, molecular biology and drug testing for clinical trials. Since 2020 Maxime Lègues has been the 3D Bioprinting Manager of CTIBiotech, leading diverse research and scientific programmes in the field of 3D Bioprinting and adapting capacities to a production scale for screening drugs and ingredients for both cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies.