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2023 Cosmetic Trends – Webinar Wednesday 11 January



What better way to kick off the IFSCC 2023 Webinar Series than with ‘2023 Cosmetic Trends’? The presentation (on Wednesday 11 January 2023, 11h NYC time) from Nausheen Quereshi was the most popular at this year’s SCS Formulate, UK & Ireland’s annual November event comprising scientific presentations, hands-on workshops, and exhibition.

Here’s what you have to look forward to:

The beauty industry is constantly adapting to changing consumer perceptions. It is imperative for beauty brands and their creative formulation teams to stay ahead of trends. In this presentation, we’ll explore what the consumer will be looking at from us in the year ahead and how we can innovate our products to meet their demands.


West Coast USA 8h • Mexico City / Chicago 10h • Bogota / East Coast USA 11h • Sao Paolo 13h • UK 16h • Central Europe 17h • J’burg / Tel Aviv 18h • New Delhi 21h30 • Sing / HK / China / Taipei 0h • Japan / Korea 1h Thursday • Melbourne 3h Thursday • Wellington 5h

​​​​​​​Nausheen Qureshi is a multiple award-winning skin care biochemist who specialises in skincare formulations with a focus on high tech skincare, skincare-makeup cosmetic hybrid formulations and other beauty formulations. Her expertise, industry knowledge, innovative outlook and ingredient trends regularly feature in worldwide press such as British Vogue, Vogue India, Glamour, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail and many others. She provides technical advisory consultancy and future product innovation consultancy to large global beauty brands and chemical companies.