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The International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists is a worldwide federation dedicated to international cooperation in cosmetic science and technology. FIND OUT MORE
81 countries
51 societies

Our Benefactors

IFSCC’s Benefactor Programme is extremely important to our financial sustainability and the IFSCC is greatly appreciative our Benefactors’ support.

Funds contributed by Benefactors support our high-quality cosmetic science education efforts around the world, and enable us to recognise scientists who make a noteworthy contribution to cosmetic science.

Many Benefactors told us they wanted to contribute more substantially to our efforts, so in 2016 we launched a new 3-tier Benefactor Programme, which was expanded to 4-tiers in 2023.

IFSCC Provides
Members with:


Stay up to date with IFSCC and Member Society events and news.


In-person programs featuring world-class cosmetic scientists.


Quarterly IFSCC Magazine, the KOSMET abstract database, Virtual Library, and more.

You May Already
Be a Member!

Do you belong to your country’s Society of Cosmetic Chemists or Scientists?
Is your Society a Member of the IFSCC?

Then you’re already a Member of the IFSCC. You can access the with:

  • The IFSCC magazine and recordings of IFSCC webinars
  • A Virtual Library of textbooks, scientific works, and others, many available no where else
  • Members’ only info on IFSCC.

KOSMET Database

Open to Members and

The only global database dedicated to cosmetic science. More than 90,000 abstracts of scientific articles and papers, with new papers added monthly.