Cosmetic Science Degree Programs

Fortunately, there are an increasing number of colleges and universities which award academic degress in cosmetic chemistry. Below is a list of the IFSCC is aware of.

United States

Fairleigh Dickinson University (New Jersey): Masters of Science in Cosmetic Science

University of Cincinnatti (Ohio): Masters in Cosmetic Science and Certificate

University of Southern Mississippi (Miss.):  BS, MS, and PhD in Polymer Science

University of Toledo (Ohio): BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cosmetic Science, and Formulation Design 


Universitat de Barcelona: Máster en Dermofarmacia y Cosmetologia

CESIF:  Máster en Cosmética y Dermofarmacia

Universidad Politénica de Valencia: Máster en Industria Cosmética

Universidad de Valencia: Máster Propio en Industria Cosmética


(Registered Diploma and Certificate Programs – not Degree) Institute of Personal Care Sciences: Various diplomas or certificates

Please contact to include information on additional programs.

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