IFSCC Magazine

Issued four times a year, the IFSCC Magazine features papers from leading cosmetic scientists around the world. The most recent issue and archives (from 2000 on) are available below.

To submit an article for publication, contact the IFSCC Magazine Scientific Editor Dr. Claudie Willemin at editorinchief@ifscc.org.

For Author’s Guidelines, click here.

To see the list of papers in a Magazine, click on its link to download.


Here is the list of papers in the most recently published edition: Vol 21 No. 2:  June 2018:

– Water content of Human Stratum Corneum Measured in vivo by Terahertz Attenuated Total Reflection Spectroscopy: Influence of Moisturization

– A Dual in silico / in vitro Approach to Study Acne Pathophysiology: Development of New Bioengineered Models

Hydrophilicity of the Substrate Surface under the Applied Sunscreen Layer changes in vitro UV Protection Efficacies

– Hair Movement and Consumer Perception: The Effect of Care Regimens on the Dynamics of Hair


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